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carvingGrowing Up Africa is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation whose mission is to build and equip schools, and thereby empowering communities. Our main aim is to create a higher standard for early-childhood education in rural areas of South Africa.

Mutual respect and collaboration help in the achieving of this goal. There is nothing more rewarding, for us, than recognising that you are making a difference, even if it is just a smile. And we tend to forget about those little things.

Growing Up Africa believes in creating a facility of early-childhood education that the community can sustain; that a community is empowered to; and the community can take ownership of.

We do not own, we don’t manage, and we do not maintain. Growing Up Africa works together with communities to create a legacy of learning for the betterment of the community itself, and for the greater South African society.

Growing Up Africa believes in inspiring people to raise their standard for early-childhood education. We will accomplish this goal, for children and communities, by adhering to, and holding universal and absolute four rights.

  • To become life-long learners by educating and developing children at an early stage.
  • To have better health.
  • To create a legacy of knowledge for future generations.
  • To fuel economies.

Growing Up Africa believes all of this can be achieved with long-term sustainable programs. Building school buildings is not enough to make the change necessary. We believe that providing resources and funding for long-term sustainability is critical to the success of all good intentions.

And once we truly became aware of our environment and made more aware of people as other human beings, we understood that the success of our work is undoubtedly crucial in surmounting a substandard education in South Africa. Which is South Africa’s most crippling obstacle to sustainable success.

Help us empower communities into becoming life-long learners at an early age, and create a legacy of learning that will run pervasive in the future generations of South Africa.

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