Early Childhood Development & Training Center

Armadillo Crèche an early childhood development (ECD) center located in Cosmo City, Johannesburg. As the first official pre-school in the low-income neighborhood of Cosmo City, the ECD center provides up to 80 of the city’s neediest children with spaces to learn and play. In addition to its core education spaces, the facility also includes a teacher training center where teachers from the surrounding area can attend seminars.

The design of the ECD center embraces the necessity of a fence or wall for protection. By integrating the fence with the building and landscape, the design utilizes the fence’s boundary to create a variety of spaces specifically scale for different activities. Similar to an armadillo, the building curls in on itself, with a harder exterior and a more permeable underbelly. Located at the center of the pre-school are more communal programs such as a dining area and a semi-outdoor gathering space. Standing on an elevated site, the Armadillo Crèche becomes a beacon at night for the surrounding neighborhood.




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